1. What is a Zoucher?

Food vouchers or gift cards from your local family run restaurants and other businesses.

2. Why should I buy a Zoucher?

We all have to come together to support local restaurants that have been severely impacted. A Zoucher purchase provides cash in the hands of owners so that they can pay rent, salaries, and utility bills during the COVID-19 lockdown.

3. I don’t see a small businesses that I would like to support.

Please call or email a local restaurant you enjoy and inform them about Zouchers (www.zouchers.com).Once they fill out the form at the bottom of the Zouchers website, we will add them on ASAP.

4. What are the charges imposed by Zouchers?

This is a non-profit initiative. We will deposit the entire net amount of the Zoucher purchased in the account provided by the restaurant owner. The only fees/charges are from Shopify and Paypal.

5. When can I redeem my Zoucher?

In most cases you should be able to redeem your Zoucher in 2 business days of the purchase. 

6. Can I use Restaurant Zoucher for takeout and delivery also?

Yes, you can but we would recommend that you use it for in-house dining that way your generosity of purchasing a Zoucher provides a longer runway to the local restaurants.

7. What happens if the Family-run businesses is not able to survive and not open past this crisis?

Unfortunately, as of now, we do not know how long these tough times will last. Yes there is a chance that despite everybody’s best efforts some restaurants will close down. However, we believe that risk should not stop us from giving these Family-run businesses a chance to fight back. In order to minimize the risk of such loss we have capped a single Zoucher card at $25.00.

8. Is a cash value or refund for a Zoucher?

Unfortunately no, a Zoucher can only be redeemed at the place that you bought the Zoucher for. A Zoucher doesn’t have any cash or residual value.

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