Terms of Service

“Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” ~ Henry James, American-British Author 

Conditions for Users

  1. We are in a crisis and we need to truly support whoever we can. We are in this together. Mutual trust is the backbone of our initiative.
  2. The simple idea is that Communities can buy gift cards or vouchers (we are calling them ZOUCHERS) for local family-run businesses to provide them instant cash. A Zoucher is an advance purchase by local communities and in return the family-run businesses promise to honor the redemption of these Zouchers for the service they have been proudly providing over the years to the local communities! 
  3. We are a non-profit initiative started by middle schoolers along with support of their parents to do something to support local Family-run businesses. Zouchers was conceived to support local Family-run businesses which have been severely impacted by restrictions during the lock down that started in mid-March 2020. The Zouchers team doesn’t make any money from this initiative. We pass the ENTIRE net amount of the Zoucher to the local businesses less transaction charges from Shopify and Paypal or any other payment gateway.

Specific Terms for Family-Run Business Owners and Operators

  1. We hope you can keep your business running during unprecedented times. 
  2. Please honor Zouchers when presented for redemption for the full denomination. The good samaritans who purchased these Zouchers deserve our gratitude and excellent service.
  3. When you decide to use the Zouchers initiative you and your affiliates confirm that you will not hold the Zouchers buyers and the Zouchers team to any sort of liability or damages. 

Specific Terms for Zoucher Buyers(Good Samaritans)

  1. We cannot THANK YOU enough for supporting your local family-run businesses. You are the the true embodiment of “Be Kind”

There are three things we would like to point out:

  1. If this lockdown continues for a long time, then unfortunately some of these local family-run businesses may not be able to make it to the other side despite all of their efforts and your support through Zouchers. All purchases of Zouchers are final and there is no cash or or residual value of the Zouchers after you have purchased them. The only redemption is for the service at the respective family-run businesses and we hope and pray that they can sustain in the short term and thrive in the long run. Please keep this in mind as you purchase Zouchers.
  2. Zouchers is based on mutual trust and several of these local Family-run businesses aren’t very technology savvy so please bear with them if they are having glitches in Zoucher for inquiries and redemption.
  3. The Zoucher team is NOT responsible for any liability or claim against the purchase of Zoucher. We are just a technology platform to help small and medium-size family businesses reach their patrons during this time of crisis by selling gift cards or vouchers (or what we call Zouchers!). Under no circumstances the Zouchers team will be held responsible or liable in any manner for any loss or damage caused by your purchase of Zouchers.